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In order to analyze and provide most reliable data on roof covering sector for local and global vendors, ?Roof covering materials sector report 2013? has been published by Catider as in previous years. The report covers the final roofing materials used on flat and pitched roofs. Other products beneath the roof coverings, such as waterproofing, thermal insulation, vapor barrier materials etc. are not included in scope of this report. If needed; calculations on cost analysis and material estimates have to be done separately.


Sector size of flat and pitched roof coverings has increased about 16% and reached to 145 Million m2 compared to the year 2011. On the other hand, production capacity among all roof coverings were estimated at over 250 Million m2. When pitched roofing sector is considered individually, construction capacity of roof coverings on pitched roofs has increased about 15% compared to 2011 and reached 118 Million m2 .

Single layer metal sheets, sandwich panels, standing seam metal roof panels, metal panels and tiles are studied under the ?metal roof coverings? heading. Metal roof coverings which are used mostly at industrial, commercial, some types of residential buildings and sport facilities takes the first place on sector share with 52,6 Million m2 and 36%.

Bituminous products used on flat and pitched roofs with 45 Million m2, and 31% share takes the second place on the market.

The total amount of top layer bituminous membranes used on flat roofs (with and without mineral slates) has been 22 Million m2 .

The total amount of synthetic waterproofing coverings used on flat roofs has exceeded 5 Million m2 .

Conventional roofing materials, the clay tiles share the third place in roofing sector with 31,2 Million m2, and 21,5% sector share. The market size is raised 6% compared to 2011.

On the other hand, when compared with 2011, a shrinking is seen about 3% at cement based roof tiles.

The market share of (plastic based covering materials) polycarbonate panels 2011 and 2013 values have been reviewed. According to the renewed values, plastic based coverings increased 15 % and exceeded 5 million m2 in 2013.

The glass coverings used mostly at shopping malls, and green roofs with growing amount of examples are studied under the "other roofing" heading; has increased 20%

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