ARTICLE 1: Name of the association is "ÇATI SANAYİCİ ve İŞ ADAMLARI DERNEĞİ " abbreviation is "ÇATIDER"

ARTICLE 2: Main office of ÇATIDER is located in İstanbul.

ARTICLE 3: Branches of the association: Branch offices can be established with administrative board resolutions.

ARTICLE 4: Objective of the association is to promote the cooperation and solidarity between the companies which manufacture, distribute and implement roof material and, the scientists and professional groups studying about roof and thus to promote the incorporation of power and ideas to catch the current technology and standards in the world, and contribute to our country's roof sector to develop, enlarge and to be kept updated according to the economy principles in our constitution and in the principles of Atatürk.

ARTICLE 5: Activities of the association: In order to achieve objectives;
• Provide and implement the necessary standards for roofs and facades in Turkey
• While determining the standards, the works made by other countries will be observed and adapted to Turkish conditions
• Conducting common studies with corresponding foreign associations, and transferring the knowledge and experiences to Turkey
• Conducting works and studies to review and change the present legislations preventing the use of empty spaces of roof attics as dwelling units.
• Regulating proper roof inclination angles according to the implemented roofing standards, and providing conscious roofers.
• Carrying out activities throughout the country in order to providing material, labor, energy and help currency savings.
• Providing the members with latest technological knowledge in order to provide manufacturers to produce quality products,

ARTICLE 7: To become a member of the association:
• Being over 18 years of age and eligible for using the civil rights defined in Turkish Civil Law, in article 11.
• Being over 15 years of age with the consent of his/her guardian to be approved as adult by the court.
• Real and juristic persons who have the capacity to act can be member of the association.
However, the ones below can be member unless there is no contrary rule in their private laws
- Members of Court of Constitution, with the permission given by Court of Constitution
- Members of Supreme Court of Appeal, with the permission given by the Supreme Court of Appeal Board of First Administration
- Members of Council of State, with the permission given by Council of State Board of Council of State Administration
- Exchequer and Audit Department professional members and attorney general and vice attorney general, with the permission given by the Board of Exchequer and Audit Department Offices
- Judges and attorney generals, with the permission of Ministry of Justice according to the High Board of Judges and Attorney Generals
- Other state officers who were determined and announced by their related ministries.

On the other hand the people below cannot be a member of the association

- Members of Turkish Military Forces and, general and private security forces, and state officers that is not permitted to found a association by their private laws
- Whether or not they were forgiven
- The people who were sentenced by one of the crimes written in the first chapter of Turkish Criminal Code
- People who were sentenced for shameful crimes such as; simple and qualified debt, corruption, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, misuse of faith, deceit bankruptcy, and smuggling other than employing and consuming smuggling, intriguing official adjudications
- People, who were sentenced for a crime in Turkish Criminal Code 316, 317 and 318th matters, can never be a member
- People who were sentenced for a crime in Turkish Criminal Code 312nd matter cannot be a member for 5 years after the final decision
- Founders and directors of forbidden societies and the directors of the societies which were decided to be closed by the court due to performing activities forbidden for societies, for 5 years after the final decision of the court.

• For foreigners to be member of the association they must have the conditions, which were wanted for Turkish citizens and besides, they must have the right to reside in Turkey. Honorary memberships don’t require the residence condition.

• Higher Education students have to be accepted to the membership upon their subscription with the student document, which they will take from their schools.

• In case of a corporate body / entity to being a member, head of the board of management or the legal person (s) assigned to represent the body will have the voting rights. When this person’s duty of being a legal representative ends, the person who will vote for the juristic person shall be assigned again. The person who will be a member of the association have to document that (s)he performs activity in at least one of the groups below and have to specify in which group of these (s)he wants to be in his/her application.

Areas of Activity:

1. Metal Based Roofing Materials
2. Cement Based Roofing Materials
3. Clay Based Roofing Materials
4. Bitumen Based Roofing Materials
5. Plastic Based Roofing Materials (PVC, PE, PC, CTP etc.)
6. Other (Wood, Glass, Stone, Rubber etc. Covering material, roof windows, bands etc. supplementary products)

• To become member, at least two of the Founder Members or Board of directors should advise and an application should be submitted to the association. Board of directors considers the application. Written demand of the candidate member is examined within 30 days and a positive or negative answer is given in written to the applicant. If the decision is positive, the activity area of the member is determined by the Board of directors and is declared to the applicant.

• Applicant has to be the owner, member of the board of directors or a top-level executive of a company, which works in the subjects mentioned in Article 4. Acceptance of the applicant also represents the company of that applicant

• For acceptance to membership:

1. If the candidate is a manufacturer;
If the products of the manufacturer have been awarded with a TSE, EN or any other equivalent product certification, such certificates shall be examined and subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. If the products manufactured have not been awarded with any of the certificates stated above, then the final decision will again be subject to the discretion of the Board of Directors. The legal entity manufacturers, who become members of our association, along with the legal person representing them may elect 2 natural person and suggest to become members to the association in order to establish the boards within the association, to participate to the activities and organizations to be held by the association, to benefit from the activities of the association and the knowledge and experience of the members.

2. If the candidate is a distributor;
The same terms and conditions for the manufacturers shall also apply to the distributors. The legal entity distributors, who become members of our association, along with the legal person representing them may elect 1 natural person and suggest to become members to the association in order to establish the boards within the association, to participate to the activities and organizations to be held by the association, to benefit from the activities of the association and the knowledge and experience of the members.

3. If the candidate is an installer / applicator;
It is necessary that it has used the materials, which have TSE, EN or equivalent certificates in its applications, and it has at least four work admission letter which will be approved by the Board of directors.

• People who have been accepted as members of the Association shall be finalize their acceptance process by paying the first subscription fee immediately. Upon the payment thereof, the names shall be recorded to the membership register book. The subscription amounts and terms that shall be paid by the founding members are determined by the Board of Directors according to the terms and conditions of the Association Law.

• At most two people from the same company can become members of the association.

ARTICLE 8: Honorary membership:
Members who wish to take part in the activities organized within the association and want to join and benefit from such activities but who do not want to be involved in the management of the association may become honorary members. Honorary members who are accepted to honorary membership upon their own applications shall have to pay subscription fees to the association. However, people who are sentimentally important and who have a valuable place in the association and roofers, who have contributed or may contribute to the causes and activities of the association, may be awarded with the opportunity to become honorary members of the association by the Board of Directors without submitting an application. People who have become honorary members in this manner shall not be obliged to pay any subscription fees. Honorary members shall not have any rights to vote or be elected to any seat in the management.

ARTICLE 9: Resigning from the membership
Members can resign from membership anytime they desire. They need to submit their wish to the Board of directors in written and pay their unpaid fees, if any.

No one can be forced to remain as members in the association. Each member’s right to resign shall be reserved.

ARTICLE 10: Termination of the membership:
In the following cases, the membership may be cancelled by the Board of directors.
a. If the member is in default of his/her liability to pay any subscription fee and/or any donation obligations and does not remedy such actions despite the written warning of the Board of Directors;
b. Members who act contrary to or violate the Bylaws, Internal Directives and general operations;
c. Members whose memberships have been cancelled permanently or temporarily due to the reasons stated in paragraph (a) may become members of the Association again provided that they pay their outstanding subscription fee and/or donation debts. Such decision shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

Final decisions in this respect shall be passed at General Assembly meetings.

The member whose membership shall be cancelled can only participate to the General Assembly meeting as a listener. Depending on the discretion of the General Assembly, the member may defend him/herself.

Members who have lost their rights and qualifications to remain as members of the association, who are in violation of the bylaws and directives of the association and who do not pay their outstanding subscription fees within the legal period provided upon the written warning shall lose their right to remain as members of the association. The Board of Directors shall determine the procedures and terms related with cancellation or continuation of the membership of any member who still has not paid the subscription fee after a month as of the date of the written warning.

ARTICLE 11: Acceptance of the members who have resigned from membership by their own will.
Previous members who would like to become members again after resigning from the association may become members again provided that they fulfill the provisions of Article 7 of the Directives.

ARTICLE 12: Rights of members:
All members of the association shall have equal rights. All members shall have one (1) voting right at the general assembly. The members shall use their voting rights in person.

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