ÇATIDER (Association of Roofing Industrialists and Businessmen) is a profession and civil society organization established with the supports of roofing material manufacturers, distributors and practicing companies with the purpose of making both community and the sector conscious of roof and roofing in Turkey.

ÇATIDER was established in Istanbul on the date of July, 10th 2002. Briefly, the objects of establishment are to gather the companies associated with roofs and roofing, profession groups and scientists in Turkey, in order to join forces and cooperate for the purpose of keeping up with the up to date technology and standards and therefore facilitating the improvement and growth of the roofing sector.

• Setting up the standards for roof application details.
• Developing the roofing standards according to the geographical conditions.
• Implementing training activities.
• Training, builders, architects, and engineers to ensure the practice of the updated standards.
• Supporting all kinds of research – improvement activities and carrying out scientific studies with the universities and educational institutions as well as improving the cooperation between the industry and universities for the fulfillment of that purpose.
• Collaborate and to share knowledge and experience with similar associations and civil society organizations abroad.
• Implementing a specialized Roofing and Facade Fair in Turkey.
• Provide healthy information about the roofing market in Turkey.
• Foster friendship, cooperation and unity between the members to ensure good relations in the Turkish roofing market.

Ethical Perspective Guidelines

1. Aim
The aim of preparing this instruction is to determine the principles of ethical perspectiveness that must be put in practice by Catıder due to total ethical perspectiveness.

2. Scope
This Instruction covers all Catıder members

3. Responsibility
The board of directors is responsible for the execution of this guideline

4. Definitions
a. Honesty
Members behave honestly against others and organizations in their business life. ( This includes but is not limited to consumers, employees, shareholders, and the public sector )
b. Reliability
As foresighted tradesmen's they respect their commitments unconditionally and totally
c. Comply with laws
Members totally comply to Turkish Republic’s. law system. They never take part in illegal activities. They never use methods which are not approved by business and public life regulations and etiquette.
d. Tax Payments
They pay the calculated tax on time and in order according to the laws of the Turkish Republic.
e. Employees.
Members adopt honesty, transparency and equality principles in their relations with employees. They provide suitable working circumstances to their employees and target to provide conditions that improve the living standards.
f. Unfair Competition
They never use expressions that can cause the competitors, trademarks, products, etc. to be humiliated or insulted. They cannot practice unfair competition.
g. Environment
Members organize all their activities without any harmful effects for environment.
h. Contribution to the Roofing Sector
Members contribute in both the country and the roofing sector’s well being with their activities in scientifically and economical means.
i. Getting Information and Protecting Information
Members never aim to get information that must be kept in secret and use this information for their profit. They declare true and accurate information about themselves
j. Protecting the Consumer
In all their activities they mind the consumers rights and avoid unjust treatment.

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