Çatıder, Dachdecker Verband Nordrhein...

Çatıder will be developing system and modules for training “Qualified Roofers” in Turkey.

With the implementation of the Professional Qualification Law, it is expected that qualifications shall become obligatory and the lack of “qualified roofers/roof experts”, which Çatıder tries to underline as much as possible and Çatıder is trying its bests to its own share. Within the scope of organizing the qualified roofer trainings, it was determined that our Association will cooperate with the “Germany Northern Rein Roofers’ Association” and our knowledge on Professional trainings shall tried to be increased.

As the training committee of Çatıder, we have participated to DeuBau Expo held between 10-13 January 2008 as the guest of Dachdecker Verband Nordrhein in order discuss the trainings, also other technological advances in the roof construction sector, mutual relations between members and the common Project and works that shall be carried out by both Associations. After the ceremony, we visited the roof industry firms participating to the Expo and the Roof Industry Training Centers.

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