A Training Protocol was signed between Çatıder and the Ministry of National Education

Roof Industrialists and Businessmen Association (ÇATIDER) has taken another step in overcoming one of the most important problems of the sector and has signed a protocol to start trainings for filling the lack of qualified labour force and intermediate staff with the required qualifications and certifications. In accordance with this protocol, ÇATIDER shall be able to organize trainings with 22 occupational technical training schools which are operating in the roof filed of the Construction Technology within the whole of Turkey. Roofers who are already serving in the industry and people who want to gain a new profession will be able to attend these trainings and a Certificate of Proficiency in Roof Applications approved by the Ministry of National Education shall be awarded to the successful participants.

In order to ensure that employees within our sector are able to obtain Qualified Roofer Certificate, in accordance with the protocol signed between Bağcılar Vocational High School and Çatıder; two new trainings have started on 2nd and 17th of February, 2012 and the successful participants were awarded with their certificates.

You can obtain more detailed information on roofing compliance trainings from the helpline of Çatıder or from the Association itself.

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