We have reached 81 members

The number of members of our association acting with the mission of informing the construction sector and the public in roof applications and to bring extensive solutions to the sector’s problems have now increase to 81 with 7 new firms joining. Sümer Plastik Ambalaj - Kayseri / Ada Endüstri Ürünleri A.Ş. Ankara METADekorasyon Ankara / ME-CE MetalKaplama İzmir / MSK Metal Kaplama - İstanbul / Standart Cıvata San. A.Ş. İzmir / Esem Yapı Sistemleri Ankara are the new members of ÇATIDER.

We believe that with the contribution of our new members, our association shall be able to achieve more effective and successful results. A solution for a sector’s problems can only be found and healthy growth can only be established with the help and efforts of active non-governmental organizations within that sector. Therefore, it is obligatory for us to act together under ÇATIDER in order to achieve that the Turkish roof industry achieves what it deserves. Therefore, we would be honoured if all the manufacturers, distributors and operators within our sector join our associations. We hereby would again like to thank our new members for joining our association.

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